Who Would’a Thunk

…That even though the Covid-19 lockdown separated CIDM’s Haitian staff from teaching Bible to the Haitian youth in person…

…Amazingly, we have reached more youth than ever before with the hope of Jesus and biblical truths!


By going digital! Our Haitian staff are now creating a weekly worship and bible teaching video and posting it on our YouTube channel. The Haitians watch from their phones and are growing in their Christian walks!

…what satan meant for evil, God turned around for good… Genesis 50:20

Watch this 39-second video giving you an abbreviated version of the 1-hour videos that are igniting the Holy Spirit’s fire within the Haitian youth.

The teaching on the video is in Creole, but here is a heads-up of what is being taught by Brisso:

Based on the following scripture:

“Besides this, since you know the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep, because now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed”. Romans 13:11

How can we be spiritually awakened?

  1. A life of prayer
  2. A life of worship
  3. The love for the Word
  4. A life of experience with God

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CIDM has many loved ones who once lived in Jacmel, but now are in Port A Prince or other Haitian cities. How thrilling that they can now connect with the Lord and our staff as they listen and are blessed by the worship and hearing of God’s word.

We have received word from Haitian youth now living in Dominican Republic and Argentina who have previously lived and been involved in our bible club in Jacmel. By watching our YouTube videos, they are excited to receive applicable biblical teaching once again through CIDM.

We are continuing to spread the invitation of CIDM’s YouTube channel to all Creole speakers, no matter where they live –USA, Chile, Mexico, France, and beyond. Thanks to the progress of technology, Creole speakers anywhere in the world have an opportunity to be taught the truth of the Bible and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Do you know any Haitian creole speakers? Send them this Link to join CIDM’s Haitian YouTube channel.

It is true that Covid-19 vastly affected and limited the entire world from normalcy.  Schools, churches, small and large gatherings of people have or were halted everywhere, including Haiti.  At CIDM, this new normal prevented our CIDM staff from being present with the Haitian youth, our focus group, and teaching the bible to over 4,000 youth per week through bible classes in 16 high schools and hosting our Saturday bible club.

But God! As a result, God expanded more ways to share the gospel and biblical discipleship with Haitians. Even though we do not rejoice in the events that have taken place in our world and in Haiti, we do see God’s undeniable hand of sovereignty and incredible power through disaster and hardships. Let’s rejoice that even though disaster came upon us, God increased our reach of the Good News from 16 high schools and a weekly bible club to…THE WORLD. Only God can accomplish such amazing feats. We praise Him!!!

Watch for our next Haiti Happenings e-mail with yet another effective door God opened during the Covid-19 shutdown, giving CIDM the ability to share the good news of the gospel and discipleship with even more Haitians we could never reach in person!!

“Our Lord is great, vast in power; His understanding is infinite.” Psalm 147:5

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