CIDM Story

Within a few weeks after the earthquake, God called and mobilized Dave and Darlys Bird to move from Southern California to Jacmel, Haiti, aiding and sharing the love of Jesus to the Haitians.   Soon the Bird’s realized Haitians were hard workers, but lacked skill and knowledge.  The Birds recognized their specific mission was to give Haitians the good news of Jesus Christ and vocational skills, empowering them from the debilitating cycle of poverty.

In October 2011, the Birds founded Calvary International Development Ministries (CIDM) a 501c3 non-profit organization, impacting thousands of Haitians’ lives through evangelism, discipleship, vocational training, and education.

For four years CIDM served as an independent design/building contractor for organizations, foundations, churches and the private sector. Under the guidance of experienced and professional staff, Haitians had the opportunity to learn and be employed in building all aspect of complex structures such as orphanages, schools, clinics and houses.  Over 100 Haitians “earned as they learned” in the following American-standard skills:  construction, masonry, concrete, wood & metal framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, interior finishes and engineering.  Specialty work included a wood-working shop employed by deaf young men and a welding shop.

In March 2014 CIDM sponsored a Christian concert and public school outreach, resulting in 600 youth accepting Christ. In order to disciple these new converts, the New Life Discipleship (Lavi Reyel in Creole) bible study was born. Additionally, CIDM discovered a special niche in Jacmel – teaching the bible in public high schools with invitations from the school principals.

The year 2015 was transitional for CIDM. The Birds recognized God’s calling to return to the United States and CIDM’s focus changed to teaching the Bible through the growing opportunities of the New Life Discipleship bible study and in the public high schools. The Haitian leaders whom the Birds trained over the years currently run the ministry operations, while Darlys coordinates from state-side.

God’s faithfulness has led and sustained CIDM throughout the years. Hundreds of life stories have been and are being changed because of Jesus Christ. We eagerly welcome growth in the current and future ministry activities as together with the Lord we “Change Haiti, 1 Life at a Time”.