Schoolboy to Man of God: Pastor Livenson’s Story

Schoolboy to Man of God: Pastor Livenson’s Story


As we reflect on lives we’ve seen impacted through CIDM and the power of the gospel, one story stands out. It’s the story of Pastor Livenson Silvince, a young man whose journey from a curious high school student to an ordained pastor captures our hope for every young person in Haiti.


His story began in March 2014, when CIDM visited Livenson’s high school and ignited a spark within him as we shared the gospel during an all-school assembly. Inspired and hungry for more, Livenson began attending CIDM’s Lavi Reyel bible club every Saturday, eager to dive deeper into God’s Word.

It was during CIDM’s first annual Day of Discipleship when Livenson, at the age of 15, made the life-altering decision to accept Christ into his heart. His newfound faith propelled him to leave behind his old life and embrace a journey of discipleship and service.

As Livenson’s passion for Jesus grew, CIDM invited him to become one of the leaders of the Lavi Reyel bible club. Over the years, we provided him with extensive leadership training and resources, equipping him to serve God’s people with humility and wisdom. 

The year 2023 was a pivotal year for Livenson, as he became an ordained past in his local church in October, and in November he married a wonderful Christian woman.


 But Livenson’s story doesn’t end there. It’s interwoven with the heartfelt sentiments of Isaac, a friend and short-term missionary who witnessed firsthand the blossoming of Livenson’s faith as a highschooler during his time in Haiti in 2014 and 2015. When we told Isaac that Livenson had recently been ordained as a pastor, here is what he shared:

“I was honestly blown away and thankful to God for what He is doing in the life of now Pastor Livenson Silvince.” Isaac shares. It brought me to tears of joy.  I thought I would see these amazing praise reports one day when I am in heaven, but glad I get to hear of some while still here!”
I remember the first annual Day of Discipleship back in the summer of 2014, and also when I joined you on my last 2015 summer trip during the first ever leadership training and graduation ceremony. So blessed to have a small part of God’s mighty plans!
It’s truly a blessing from God and encouraging to see the 2015 Livenson that started the first leadership discipleship opportunity and the now 2023 pastor and married man Livenson who is following our Lord Jesus Christ and continually serving Him in ministry!

Isaac’s words echo the joy and gratitude felt by all who have been privileged to witness God’s work in Livenson’s life.

From a curious high school student to a devoted servant of Christ—Pastor Livenson is a testament to the impact of the gospel being shared in Haiti through CIDM. Thank you for your support as we continue to reach the next generation of young people with the good news of Jesus!

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A Current Interview With Livenson (Unedited)

 When did you meet with Lavi Reyel?  2014

How many years you spent with Lavi Reyel?  4 years

What role did you play in Lavi Reyel?  leader

What can you say you have learned with Lavi Reyel? I have learned a lot about being responsible, being a leader, i have learned a lot about God, i have learned how much God loves me. With Lavi Reyel i learned that i am important in God’s eyes. I have learned a lot about living in community and i also learned that Christian can enjoy life.

What are the impacts of LR in your life?  Many of the verses that i know now, i learned them in Lavi Reyel. Its also there that i learned to manage my anger problem. It also help me to get rid of shyness.

How did LR help you to serve in your Church?  My sermons have a lot to do with work of Mr Brisso Jean Doriscan (bible teacher at CIDM), many of my teachings come from what i have learned in LR. If i was this noticeable in my Church it because of the work that’s started in LR.

What role are you playing in your Church?  I am the second pastor, preacher, I am in charge of studies. i am also in charge of the ushers and help with media.

What would you like to share CDIM/Lavi Reyel?  I would love you to keep on doing the work that you are doing because Haiti needs it. It’s an investment that’s bring a lot of fruits and it will keep on bringing. Many youth like myself will become great in many areas in life. God is happy with what you are doing, i’ll keep on praying for you, i love you and the work that you are doing. Please don’t stop!

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