Delpha Pierre Louis
Field Director
Delpha skillfully manages CIDM staff and daily logistics carrying out the mission and vision of the ministry. He’s a university graduate with a law degree and teaching credentials. His capability, integrity and heart for God make him a true man of valor.
Brisso Jean Doriscan
Teaching Director
Brisso is the director and teacher of the New Life Discipleship bible study and public high school teaching program. He is a man after God’s own heart, using his biblical knowledge and gift of teaching to share God’s truths with the spiritually-hungry youth of Jacmel.
Jean Carlo Lacaus
Bible Teacher & Worship Leader
Jean Carlo is a dynamic bible teacher in our public high school teaching program and the worship leader at New Life Discipleship bible study. His love for the Haitian youth is evident as he uses his natural gifts to proclaim Christ, teach the Bible and lead all in worship of Jesus Christ. He’s a humble and wise servant with a deep walk with God.
Jonil Noel
Bible Teacher
Jonil is a gifted bible teacher in our public high school teaching program. Since graduating top of his class at a reputable 4-year seminary, he continues his passion for biblical education as his program of studies include two online US masters programs and a Haitian law degree program. Jonil has the unique giftings of being a brilliant, yet personal and caring man. He readily teaches the Word of God with Haiti’s youth in and out of the classroom by word and example.
Noe Andre
Bible Teacher
Noe is a bible teacher in our public high school teaching program. As an energetic young man, the high school students relate easily to him and intently listen as he teaches and shares God’s truths from his heart. Noe is an accomplished musician, playing the saxophone, and leading the choir at his church. He joyfully shares his gifts of teaching and music with the youth, as part of our CIDM team.
Maxime Aly
Community Life Coordinator
Maxime maintains a personal connection with the youth who attend our New Discipleship bible study. In 2014 he accepted Christ at an outreach CIDM held at his high school. We have watched God transform him from a timid new believer to a passionate man of God. As a recent graduate from high school with numerous giftings, he has an immense ability to relate with our students in the challenges they face daily.
Yougains Fils
Outreach Coordinator
Yougains faithfully serves with CIDM part time encouraging the youth in a closer walk with Jesus and teaching them how to share their faith. He actively participates in our weekly New Life Discipleship bible study and other activities throughout the year. With a passion for evangelism, Yougains is a key servant in equipping the Haitians to evangelize all of Haiti for Jesus Christ.