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We Are Going On A Faith Adventure to Haiti in March 2021

We Will Encourage and Teach CIDM Staff, Leadership Teams and Thousands of Haitian Youth

We are excited to visit our beloved Haitian staff, leadership and youth. Due to political unrest and Covid-19, it’s been three years since we’ve been able to travel to Haiti. We’ve hired 3 staff since then that we’ve not met in person. It’s important to spend time with them and all 8 of our staff to encourage, inspire and challenge. CIDM reaches over 4,000 youth per week and we plan to speak into their impressionable hearts.

CIDM is Partnering With GWP

We are excited to announce that CIDM is partnering with Kelly Bartlett, founder of The Graceful Warrior Project (GWP). She and a co-laborer will be joining us for an incredible week as we equip the young women of Jacmel with tools to thrive rather than just survive.

The story of Dave, Darlys and Kelly goes back five years…sharing a special bond from the beginning…a missions heart. Dave & Darlys, missionaries who had recently returned from serving 5 years in Haiti and Kelly, a younger missionary who had just returned from serving in Congo for 7 months. Darlys and Kelly would do coffee, talk, share, pray and learn from each other.

Over the years, we’ve championed Kelly through her journey as God’s taken her boxing, jiu jitsu skills and her passion for Jesus and others. Using her gifts to glorify God, He’s formed The Graceful Warrior Project. God’s set a plan for Kelly to be a global-women’s-empowerment-activist, where she now travels the world on behalf of The Graceful Warrior Project equipping women who are facing all levels of oppression, to become everything that they were created to be: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Darlys and Kelly always prayed that someday God would use GWP among the Haitian women. The need is great, and God’s timing is now.

Our Plans For The Week Are:

  1. Facilitate Kelly Bartlett as she introduces the GWF program in Jacmel and teaches the young women the 4 areas of self defense
  2. Empower and teach our Haitian staff and leadership teams
  3. Encourage and speak to the students in our New Discipleship Bible Club
  4. Visit and bring the hope of Jesus to the high schools where we teach Bible classes

Be A Part Of the Team

Pray. Join our army of prayer warriors, covering every part of the Faith Adventure for the team and the Haitians.

If you’d like to pray with us, click here and type PRAY in the subject. We will place you on an exclusive list and you’ll receive current & detailed prayer requests and praises now and while we are in Haiti.

Give. Be a financial send-er. The collective cost for Dave and Darlys’ Faith Adventure is $5,500. This seems like a huge mountain to climb in a short amount of time, however, we’ve seen God’s faithfulness countless times and know He will provide. Not all of us are go-ers, some are send-ers. By providing financial support for us to go, YOU can be a sender…and an integral part of what is doing in Haiti. Your gift will be tax-deductible and and will be payable to CIDM on our behalf. To give online, click here and type Trip in the comment section. To give by check, click here click here and write Trip on the check. Be assured that if funds given exceed what’s needed for our Faith Adventure, it will be used where most needed within the CIDM Haiti ministry.