Students Give Up Their Day Off to Attend CIDM’s Bible Class

The Haitian school structure has many challenges, and one is that many times there’s no funds to pay the teachers, so they do not show up for their job, leaving the students at school with no teacher. Often the high school students form a protest street march displaying their desire to get the system fixed so they can be taught and learn.

On many occasions this year, this has been the case…no teachers have shown up because of lack of pay. In such events, the principal excuses the students to go home. However, the students wait at the school (sometimes 3-4 hours) for their CIDM bible teacher to come. The students know their Bible teacher will be there, and they are interested in learning the Bible.

Our teachers are mature, young men who the students respect and can relate with.  For some of our teachers, they too, attended high school at the same school they are teaching at now, and are a role model for the high school students to look up to and follow through Christ Jesus.

The practical influence we are having on the youth culture in Jacmel, Haiti is astounding.  Only God!  For four years now, God has given us incredible favor to openly teach the Bible and practicality to teenagers’ lives.  We’ve uniquely been given an opportunity to go into “their world” (school), teaching their hungry spiritual hearts about the love and hope of Jesus Christ and the Bible.  We’ve been blessed with three qualified teachers, going from class to class and school to school sharing the biblical lesson of the week, influencing over 2,000 impressionable lives. The students look forward to their CIDM bible classes.  Our teachers are on-time and prepared to share from the Word and from their hearts.  Many, many students have given their lives to Christ, recommitted their lives to Christ and been freed from demonic possession (some right in the classroom) this year.   We celebrate the close of another blessed school year teaching Bible in the schools.  We are now meeting with new schools to expand our borders for the new school year.

We are so thankful that you partner with us in prayer and funding, enabling us to employ qualified, godly teachers who are committed to the youth and future of Haiti.  Thank you!