LAVI REYEL (New Life Discipleship) Leaders’ Testimonies

Aly Maxime – He’s been a Christian and attended church for many years. He’s always been timid and quiet, and certainly didn’t think he could ever share his faith with anyone. He always had a desire to serve the Lord and others but didn’t know how.

However, since attending New Life Discipleship bible study the past 3 ½ years Aly’s life has changed. He’s gotten to know Jesus Christ in an intimate way by studying and learning the Bible. He is now outgoing and can share his faith with others. He humbly accepted CIDM’s invitation to join our leadership team. Through this service commitment, he’s received CIDM’s leadership training, and serves the Lord and others now more than he could’ve ever imagined.

Aly’s Pastor has seen a transformation in this young man and approached him, questioning what has caused these positive changes in his life. Aly shared with him about CIDM and how God has used it, giving him a spirit-filled enthusiasm for Jesus Christ, others, leadership and servanthood.

Aly’s Pastor has now given him more leadership responsibility in the church, including writing a sermon applying the new biblical knowledge and heart he has for the Lord.

The “Everything” Skit is a non-verbal skit that shares the gospel in a powerful way. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has shared this skit at Jacmel high schools, churches and CIDM activities. Aly and other members of New Life Discipleship have learned this skit and have done it throughout Jacmel, as Haitians teach Haitians the truth of the gospel. Aly went a step further as he has now taught this skit to young people in his church. Now they perform the skit for their church and use it as an outreach.

Aly is living out the vision of our New Life Discipleship bible study. As the group of youth meet weekly, the emphatic intent is not to begin a new church in Jacmel, but for participants to share the truths they learn with their families, friends and home churches. Aly’s a “success story” if I’ve ever seen one! Let’s pray for Aly as he grows in his faith & knowledge of Jesus Christ. I was shocked to hear him share about his past timidity, because he is now a joyful, outgoing young man who is making a difference. God is using him to change Haiti, 1 life at a time!

Eliezer Sylvaince – New Life Discipleship has had a huge impact in his life. Before he started attending, hewould go to church, but only attended motivated by “works”, not by his heart and desire to worship God and learn the Word. He was highly influenced by his peers, and wanting to fit in, went along their bad attitudes and actions.

Now over the past 3 years of learning and growing in love with Jesus at New Life Discipleship, Eliezer is a different person. He stands up for Christ amongst his peers and is excited about the new-found relationship he has in Jesus Christ. The leadership in his church have seen a transformation in his life. They recognize that he is a young man after God’s heart, maturing and growing in his walk with the Lord.