High School Principal Says Yes to Bible

The Jacmel Principals and Students are Asking for More Bible Classes in their High Schools. We need to hire an additional bible teacher to fill these requests. $400 per month is needed to hire an additional qualified CIDM Haitian bible teacher. Won’t you step in and be a part of rescuing the Haitian youth from satan’s evil grasp?

Hopelessness, fear and distress are just a few emotions Haitian youth face on a daily basis in their poverty-stricken lifestyle. Let’s keep the Revival going as we continue to have open doors to study the bible, pray

and accept Jesus in Haitian public high schools. We don’t have that privilege in USA, but Haiti has it! Learning about the bible and a personal relationship with Christ at school breaks the chains of bondage and brings peace, joy and true hope to youth’s future in Christ.

Consider This…

Your monthly gift of:

  • $20/mo reaches 30 Haitian high schoolers
  • $50/mo reaches 75 Haitian high schoolers
  • $100/mo reaches 150 Haitian high schoolers
  • $400/mo reaches 600 Haitian high schoolers and funds one qualified teacher


“Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” John 4:35