Do You Have a Birthday In the Next 12 Months? Create a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook for the Haitian Youth


Happy birthday to me, let’s give and then see,

More Haitians come to Jesus, oh how blessed they will be.

Wouldn’t our next birthdays be more fulfilling by making a difference in the lives of Haitian youth, instead of receiving birthday gifts for ourselves? You can give the gift of life in Jesus freely and generously by encouraging your friends to celebrate your birthday through a fundraiser on Facebook. It’s so simple to share your compassionate heart for the Haitians with your friends and watch them be blessed by giving. We all have birthdays every year and this is a unique way we can impact the Haitian youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When I, Darlys, had my birthday this year, I created a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, and raised $460 for Calvary International Development Ministries.  I was amazed at how simple it was and how many Facebook friends, even the ones I had not communicated with in years, responded with a donation!  Just a couple clicks and this will be your best birthday ever because you’re using it to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to Haitian youth.  Make a statement of compassion among your friends by encouraging them to be “others focused” through their donation to CIDM.

Here’s How to Have a Birthday Fundraiser for CIDM on Facebook

A couple of weeks before your birthday, you will receive an invitation on your Facebook feed to have a birthday fundraiser.  Simply follow the steps, select Calvary International Development Ministries as your non-profit organization and invite your Facebook friends. If you need any additional instructions, click the link below.  Send us an email at if you have further questions or comments.

NOTE:  All funds given are tax-deductible.