She Met Jesus in Her High School Classroom

Q:  How has your life changed since accepting Christ into your life?

A:  Since accepting Christ, attending Lavi Reyel and learning biblical truths, my thoughts, behaviors, and desires have changed.  I no longer want to go with my friends to clubs doing things I know would be dishonoring to my Lord.  I’ve learned that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and so I dress differently now.  I now have purpose and desire to live my life to glorify God and know Him deeper every day.

Q:  Have people that know you seen a change in your life?

A:  People who have known me say, “Guerdine, will you always keep your commitment with God? Won’t you give up one day?” And I tell them, “No. I will always walk with God and pray to Him.”Now when someone sees me and says, “This is not the same Guerdine I knew before!” I am so thankful that others see a change in me.  My life is forever changed with peace and contentment because of Jesus Christ in my life. 

Q:  Are you thankful to God for bringing CIDM into your high school classroom and every week at the Lavi Reyel bible group?

A:  I am so thankful that CIDM teaches bible classes in my high school.  Without that class, I wouldn’t know Christ, and I’d be continuing in my empty lifestyle.  I’m also grateful CIDM has Lavi Reyel, where I feel community and taught a deeper walk with God through bible study and many other activities. 

Q:  How can we pray for you? 

A:  Please pray for God’s strength to remain faithful to Him, to never be discouraged, and to never turn back to the practices that I had before. I pray to God every day asking Him to help me share the Gospel wherever I am because I love Him so much and want others to know Him like I do.