We’re Proclaiming Jesus on Haitian Radio

The audio portion of this video is our radio spot, promoting our program on the station

More About CIDM’s Radio Program

  • Our radio program is broadcast from the nearby radio studio in Jacmel, yet it reaches countless people in villages and cities throughout Haiti, including Port-au-Prince with a population of over 2.5 million.  
  • The idea of CIDM teaching on the radio came during the Covid-19 shutdown, which prevented our CIDM staff from teaching the Haitian youth in schools and at our bible club.  We knew all Haitians have radios and as we looked at the possibility, God opened the door wide open.  Our first program was in June 2020 and we praise God for yet another way we can share His love and biblical discipleship with Haitians.  
  • Each weekly program is recorded on video live and available on Facebook Live
  • Typically, over 20 listeners call in during our live Q&A sessions
  • Our cost is $100 per month for one program per week.  An additional $100 is required for a repeat of the Saturday program.  Thursday from 9:00-10:00pm is an available time slot for us, but due to the cost, we are currently unable to commit to it. Donate to help with Radio Costs
  • We have a variety of different radio programs throughout the month.  They are organized in the following manner:
    • Week 1:  Play the audio of the most recent New Life Bible Club YouTube video which includes worship, prayer and a bible study
    • Week 2:  Bible study taught by CIDM staff followed with a live listener Q&A 
    • Week 3:  Testimony of a life changed by Jesus Christ
    • Week 4:  Bible study taught by two CIDM staff
  • We rejoice that even though disaster came upon us, God increased our reach of the Good News through the radio to people we could have never reached.  Only God can accomplish such amazing feats.  We praise Him!!!