Students Receive A+ on Their Year End Bible Exam

Below are real questions & answers from students’ year-end exams.  Listen to their hearts as they share life-changing insights from studying God’s Word.

Q:  What teaching touched your heart the most this year?

A:  “The life of Joseph.  I learned that, even as a youth he loved and honored God in his life.  I always thought that as a young man, the only way to live my life is by doing what I’ve been taught and modeled (drinking, smoking, sex, etc).  I didn’t know that I could live a godly life at my young age.  I didn’t think you began living a life that honored God until you get older.  Being a follower and lover of God isn’t determined by your age, but your heart.”  Johny E.

Q:  What teaching touched your heart the most this year?

A:  “The life of Esther.  She made a huge impact and changed history by obeying God and speaking up for her people.  Even though she was young, she didn’t do the normal habits of the world that young people do, but she followed God’s ways, and God blessed her life for it.  I want to be like that.”  Tatiana L.

Q:  What teaching touched your heart the most this year?

A:  “By studying Joseph’s life, I see that he chose to be different than all the other young people, and even though it was difficult many times, God lifted him up and blessed him.  He was despised by his brothers, left for dead, sold, didn’t give into sexual temptation, was put in jail, yet God was in the plans of his life.  God later placed him in leadership and he honored God.  Throughout his entire life (young to old), he found his strength in God alone.   I’m learning that God is in charge of my life and I want to live it by honoring Him.”  Stevenson D.

Q:  What are the 7 phrases Jesus spoke on the cross?

A:  “Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.  2.  Tonight you will be with me in paradise.  3.  Woman, here is your son.  4.  My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.  5.  I am thirsty.  6.  Everything is accomplished.  7.  Father, I put my spirit into your hands.”  Kensia S.

Q:  What does it mean to be a Christian?

A:  “Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He’s my best friend who is always with me”.