Staff Spotlight on Jonil Noel Fils

A “Q&A” Session with Jonil –

Discover his Passions, his Favorite English Word and Why..

“I am a Christian, single man, and I grew up in the city of Jacmel.  I have worked for CIDM for almost two years as a high school bible teacher. “  Jonil

Q How did you receive Christ in your life?

A Here’s my story:  I was born in a Christian family where my father and mother were Christians and my brothers were also Christians.  Even though I had been raised learning about God at home and at church, I was 13 years old and I had not yet accepted Christ as my Savior. One day at church, during a Sunday service, I was joking, talking and was behaving poorly with my friends. My Sunday school teacher approached me in a tone full of love, tenderness and seriousness and said “Jonil, you are old enough now to hear and understand the word of God.” Her words burned in my heart and I prayed and determined in that moment to give my life to Christ. My life then changed completely. It was a Sunday in March 2003.

Q What difference did Christ make in your life?

A When I had received Christ in my life, I was a child from a Christian family. So already, I had an appropriate Christian education, especially from my mother.  However, after taking the serious resolution to hand over my life to Christ, my attachment to God would grow through times of incessant prayer, study and meditation of the word of God and the mastery of my emotions and passions.  I became aware and desired to please and glorify God through my behavior, my dress, and in every part of my life.

Q Tell us about your family:

A My parents are both deceased.  I was living with my mother, but she died several months ago.  In dealing with this sadness and grief, God allowed me to stay still and live by faith.  He always provides for my needs by guiding me step by step in His footsteps. 

I am a single man living alone now since my mother passed.  I have several brothers.  Some of my brothers have children, and I enjoy being an uncle to my nieces and nephews.  Some live in Jacmel, so I get to see them often, but others live far, so I cannot see them very often. 

Q Tell us about your educational background:

A I attended a reputable seminary in Jacmel for four years, where I received a degree in theology and science of education (Darlys adds: he graduated first in his seminary class).

Even though I work full time for CIDM, I am continuing my passion for education.  Currently, I am an online student in two master’s programs, one in christian education at Indiana Wesleyan University and the other in divinity at Cornerstone Christian University (CCU).  I am also studying in a bachelor’s degree program in legal science (studying the law) at State University of Haiti (UEH). 

Q Wow, we see you are a very motivated learner.  Besides your current studies, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A In my free time, I always take some time to meditate on the words of God.  I seek to furnish my mind so that I can teach more effectively. That’s why I like reading a lot of books like the bible and other different books and literature related to the word of God. I like to listen to biblical broadcast that can help me go forward. I like to debate with my friends so we can learn better not only about the Bible but about life as well.  I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music.

Q CIDM has sponsored you to attend an English class.  Are you enjoying it and what is your favorite English word and why? 

A Yes, thank you. I’m enjoying learning the English language.  My favorite English word is “shower”.  I like the metaphorical sense of this word, shower, to express the rich blessings of God in the form of rain that descends from above. This shower concept is an illustration to show my dependence on God being His vessel and a recipient of His promises, His blessings, His graces and His provision.

Q What is your favorite sport to watch and to play?

A Soccer

Q What is one of your favorite memories?

A One of my best memories of my life is my graduation ceremony in 2017 at the graduation in theology being both winner of my promotion, president of the student body and winner on the two outgoing promotions. For me it was God that allowed me to realize these achievements.

Q What is your favorite bible verse and why? 

A “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 1:1 

This is my favorite verse because it translates all my existence. Since my childhood, faith has been my compass until today. My classical studies have been carried out by faith including my academic studies. Coming from an impoverished and single-parent family, it was faith in God that allowed me to stand strong with the dedication of my dear mother. My existence rests on this indispensable element…faith.

Q How has working for CIDM changed your life?

A This job has allowed me to make new spiritual experiences with young people, it’s given me more spiritual maturity, helped me to be more open and more relational, and to make new contacts.  It has also increased my purchasing power (income).

Q How did CIDM find you almost two years ago?

A I had just recently graduated from Seminary.   It was mostly through a friend that I became aware of CIDM and it’s job position. After filling out an employment application, I underwent a few interview sessions with Delpha and Brisso.  Shortly after this, they hired me and I became a team member of CIDM. I am so happy to be part of this team…It clearly impresses my philosophy of life and my Christian vision of the world.

Q How do you prepare to teach the bible lessons to the high school students?

A Teaching the Bible accurately is very important to me. The most significant thing that I do to prepare for teaching is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand. Then I do a deep study and research the text in the Bible. It is important that as I teach the Word, I stress it’s application to the students’ everyday lives.  I also like to use demonstrative methods of teaching (using props) to help them grasp the concepts. 

Q What is your prayer for the students that you teach?

A My prayer for the students is that they would live in the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ and that their lives would be a reflection of Him.

Q How would your students describe you?

A The students see me in classrooms as a guide, an adviser, as an older brother, like someone who is showing them the way to approach the word of God

Q What’s the biggest changes you have seen in your students’ lives because of teaching them the Bible?

A The biggest change that I have seen in my students since I have started teaching the Bible is the way they act. Many of my students have accepted the Lord and as a result of this, I have seen a change in their lives. Before coming to know Jesus, a majority of the students were disrespectful to each other, were engaged in sexual activity, and were immodest in the way they dressed. After accepting Christ, the students have learned to respect each other, speak with kind words, and how to live according to the Bible. Jesus has truly changed their lives and their testimonies and lives are living proof of this!

Q What’s one thing about Haiti you would like other people to know?

A Haiti, contrary to what people may think, is a beautiful country. It’s a country with an amazing natural landscape. People in Haiti live brotherly, they like to share with and help others.  All who live in Haiti enjoy that brotherhood and hospitality because Haitians have a strong warm welcome in their culture.

Q What’s your prayer for Haiti?

A My prayers for Haiti are asking God to change the minority of violent Haitian people with peace so more tourists can visit the country. Prayers so that we can be a more developed country.  Politically we’re facing many difficulties, so prayers for our leaders to better run and organize the country so we can live in a country where it’s good to live.

CIDM Ending Comments:  What a blessing it is to have Jonil on our CIDM team.  His character and love for the Lord are an example to us all.  God has gifted him with a sharp mind, constantly eager to learn and grow.  God is effectively using him to teach the Haitian youth the Bible through his words and his life.