Goodbye and Hello to First Generation Christians


Goodbye First Gen Christians:

Dave Bird’s Dad and Mom have gone to their heavenly home in the past few weeks…just 16 days apart from each other. Both were unafraid of death because they’d put their trust in Christ Jesus many years ago. They “fought the good fight…finished the race…kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7. Naturally, we grieve in the loss of their lives, but rejoice that now they are enjoying the presence of God and their new home – Heaven.

Both Jack and Barbie grew up in non-Christian homes. However, early in their marriage, they committed to live for the Lord and became “First Generation Christians”. They stood strong against the ridicule and ill-advice of family and previous friends, while living their lives and raising their children following new-found biblical principles. Honoring God and having Him as their family’s focal point and source of strength was a welcomed difference to the way they were both raised. They didn’t have the advantage of growing up in godly, Christian homes, yet purposed to create and maintain an environment in their home that was full of God’s love, grace and forgiveness. We thank God for their courage to commit their lives to Jesus and change the course of history for their family’s future generations. Their three children grew up to love and honor the Lord, and they have raised their families to do the same. Their children’s children are believers in Christ and training their children up in the Lord.

Thank you, Dad and Mom for fearlessly going against the grain of your birth families and following after Christ. Because of that decision you made about 60 years ago, you are now enjoying Heaven, worshipping at the feet of Jesus and you have passed the mantle to future generations of your family.

Hello First Gen Christians:

We see many Haitian young adults coming to Christ who have been raised in paganism and voodoo. These strong, intelligent Haitians are doing just what Jack and Barbie did – going against the grain of the darkness in which they were raised and embracing the love, forgiveness and freedom of Jesus Christ. They, too, are “First Generation Christians”. Many of our youth are being persecuted by their families for following Jesus Christ. One such young adult is Mardoche. He’s grown up in a voo-doo practicing family, and his Mom is a voo doo priestess. She’s set incredible evil upon him for following Jesus, and made it very difficult for Mardoche, physically and emotionally, but God is the victor, and Mardoche is fearlessly following after Christ and gaining strength daily. Recently, the Lord gave him the spiritual discernment and ability to cast evil  spirits out of three of his sisters, and they accepted Jesus into their hearts. We are praying and believing that Mardoche’s entire family will come to Christ. Mardoche and others whose lives we touch through CIDM are making a difference in their lives, their families’ lives and their future generations’ lives by taking a stand for the truth of the gospel. The Apostle Paul was a First Gen Christian. Who knows what God has in store for these Haitian youth who’ve discovered the goodness of God!!! Please pray for them!