26,261 Meals

Thanks to your generosity, CIDM has been able to respond to the food crisis caused by COVID-19.  Your donations have provided 26,261 meals to the most vulnerable. $1 provides 3 Haitians with a meal. Help us provide more meals by donating Online Here or by Check Here.

Linda, who hundreds of you met and loved during your Jacmel mission trip with us from 2010-2014, receives food a second time for her family during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has caused severe food inaccessibility and rapid rising inflation in Haiti. Due to these issues and a drought, starvation is a reality among the Haitian people. 

Here’s a COVID-19 related updated from an article on  

“The virus is now in all 10 departments, and medical authorities warn that the country’s few COVID-ready hospitals and triage centers may soon be overwhelmed. 

Lack of and fear of testing mean that thousands go undiagnosed and that hundreds, or perhaps even more, have died-untested and uncounted-due to a combination of factors that are as much political and economic as they are related to the weak public health system.”

Please join us in prayer as we ask God to remove the virus from Haiti and the world.

Farisien, one of our former deaf staff receives food a second time for his family (wife, RoseLaure, also a former deaf staff and Nuguatine, their 2 yr old daughter)

Watch for our next update as we share exciting new ways we are sharing the gospel and biblical discipleship with more Haitian youth than we ever imagined we could…all because of COVID-19!   Every $1 Counts.  Donate Here