9th Anniversary of Earthquake–From Tragedy to Triumph

January 12th marked nine years since the devastating earthquake that impacted Haiti. This 7.0 earthquake was the third deadliest of all times, killing over 300,000 people and leaving millions injured and homeless.

Progress has been made in Haiti’s restoration, and CIDM has been privileged to a part of the nations’ story.  After the earthquake, God called Dave & Darlys Bird to move to Haiti and begin CIDM, bringing the good news of the gospel, re-building destroyed homes, churches and schools while teaching practical job skills to the people.  In 2015 Dave & Darlys heard God’s plan to move back to the US, and CIDM’s focus changed from re-building structures to re-building spiritual lives, specifically the Haitian youth…Haiti’s future.

Satan’s had a tight grip on Haiti for decades through the evil beliefs and practices of voo-doo.  His manipulative generational hold has resulted in severe poverty, hopelessness, lawlessness, inadequate education, healthcare, fear, destruction and death. However, after the earthquake, some Haitians began searching and realizing voo-doo is a wicked lie from the pit of hell.

One positive result of the earthquake is that God made Himself known.  As every Haitian was deeply impacted by the 2010 earthquake through death, fear and destruction, there was a spiritual awakening to the God of the Bible and a quest for real truth and peace in the midst of despair.  Churches swelled to double and triple their normal Sunday attendance as people searched for answers.  There was a spiritual revival for the true God.  People realized that voo-doo, a satanic generational hold was empty, destructive and led to death.  Countless people came to Christ during those dark times and continue today in their Christian journey.

Even today, nine years after the catastrophe, Haitians continue to search.  Tragedy has brought triumph as the Haitian youth search with an insatiable hunger and thirst for truth.  God is raising up young Christian leaders through CIDM’s New Life Discipleship (Lavi Reyel in Creole) weekly bible study and daily bible classes, which are held at seventeen high schools in Jacmel.  Trusting God, they are bravely breaking free from their family’s destructive voo-doo beliefs and embracing newness of life in Jesus Christ.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.  As we look back over the past nine years, we see God’s love and goodness for the Haitian people at every step.  Through CIDM, God is teaching and grounding Haiti’s youth in the Word of God and they are living out their new-found faith in daily practical ways.  Could it be that through the tragedy of the earthquake, God raised up CIDM “for such a time as this” (as in Esther 4:14) in the history of Haiti to awaken the youth who are the future spiritual and political leaders of this nation?!  God works in mysterious ways, and we rest in the fact that today He is doing a life-changing work in over 4,000 Haitian youth’s lives who we weekly touch with the truths of the Bible.  We praise Him for what’s He’s done these past nine years and trust Him for the amazing ways He will use CIDM in the future rebuilding and empowering lives in Jesus Christ!

“You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”   Psalm 32:7