COVID-19 In Haiti Update #3

19,696 MEALS

Covid-19 continues in Haiti with a country-wide lock down affecting the essential marketplaces, now with limited days and hours of operation.  Most Haitians rely on the marketplace to sell, buy, trade and barter, providing their food for the day.  Because of this and an abnormal inflation rate that has escalated the cost of food, starvation is a reality among countless Haitians. 

CIDM is responding by providing meals to those most affected within our reach.  Because of your generosity, we are providing 19,696 meals to the most vulnerable through food distributions.

Thank you for giving when your future is uncertain.  You’ve amazed us and the Haitians by your generosity!  Thank you from all the children, youth and adults who can go to bed with a full belly tonight.  

If you’d like to help provide an additional 19,696 meals in the coming weeks, please  Donate online here or Donate by mailing a check here.  $1 provides 3 Haitians with a meal.

Junior, a deaf young man and one of our previous wood-shop staff is so thankful to receive this food!

Three of our previous construction staff.  Frito (front), Esner (back left) and Didi (back right) say thank you for your generosity so they can feed their families.

Our CIDM staff did a food distribution in Casse, a mountain village providing 60 families with food.