15 Students Accept Christ in Public School Classroom

Over the last several months, God has been using Lavi Reyel and our Bible teachers to reach the students within the schools in huge ways. This past month, Brisso, our director and Bible teacher, shared the impact the Bible teachings are having on the students and their desire to get to know more about who the God of the Bible is. Having the program in public high schools is allowing students to get answer to the questions they have about God.

“I just want to praise God for what He is doing in this ministry and as we are going to the schools to teach the Word of God, God is really blessing our heart. Last week, we had around 15 students who accepted Christ and 5 of them showed up at Lavi Reyel this Saturday because they wanted more. They have a hunger for the Word and they just want to have a better relationship and know more about how to praise God, to be with Him and to do His will – and that was so amazing to see them coming there to worship, to pray and to ask questions about the Christian lifestyle.  So, I really praise the name of God to see what He’s doing, like…the principals that didn’t want the course last year – this year they are willing to have it.  So God is doing something amazing here, and I really want to praise His name for that.”