Schoolboy to Man of God: Pastor Livenson’s Story

Schoolboy to Man of God: Pastor Livenson’s Story         As we reflect on lives we’ve seen impacted through CIDM and the power of the gospel, one story stands out. It’s the story of Pastor Livenson Silvince, a young man whose journey from a curious high school student to an ordained pastor captures […]

The Worst Hunger Crisis Haiti Has Ever Witnessed

Since the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise two years ago, gang violence, hyper-inflation and a hunger crisis in Haiti has spiraled downward, and it’s gravely affecting CIDM and the beloved Haitians within our reach. Daily now, people are knocking on our door at CIDM, desperately asking for food for themselves and their families and […]

High School Principal Says Yes to Bible

The Jacmel Principals and Students are Asking for More Bible Classes in their High Schools. We need to hire an additional bible teacher to fill these requests. $400 per month is needed to hire an additional qualified CIDM Haitian bible teacher. Won’t you step in and be a part of rescuing the Haitian youth from […]

Giving Made Simpler

Try our new donate widget here and partner with us in spreading the gospel to the Haitian youth. We now accept Apple Pay and can securely link to your personal or business bank account for easy giving.  We continue to accept PayPal, all credit cards and mailed checks.  One-time or monthly automatic donations have never been simpler!  Thank […]