November Haiti Happenings: Thankful for 1 + 1 + 4 + 1

CIDM is Thankful For: 1 = God 1 = You 4 = Additional Jr/Sr High Schools We’re Teaching Bible In This Year (We now teach Bible in 20 Schools!!) 1 = CIDM’s new Bible Teacher, Hondy CIDM is thrilled to announce the expansion of our ministry by bringing our bible teaching to four additional schools in […]

October Haiti Happenings: Defeating Day of the Dead in Jacmel, Haiti

DEFEATING DAY OF THE DEADA spiritual battle is coming in Haiti   Each year on Nov 1 & 2, Haiti celebrates “Fèt Gede”, the Haitian Day of the Dead” a national holiday where voodoo practitioners will gather and parade through the streets day and night, possessed by spirits of the dead. This year, there will […]

September Haiti Happenings: School Has Begun in Haiti

TEACHING THE BIBLE TO OVER 4,500 STUDENTS EACH WEEK Here’s our Knowledgeable Bible Teachers Please pray for them as they deliver God’s Word to ears that have not yet heard These 4 teachers share the busy schedule of teaching at 16 different high schools. Five more Principals are asking for us to teach at their […]