Lavi Reyel

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” – Matthew 5:16

Lavi Reyel (Real Life) is an interactive bible study where Haitians discover God’s truths and apply them to their lives. God is moving mightily through this ministry which serves approximately 175 Haitians. More are drawn every week by a sense of belonging and deep discipleship. Currently 15 Haitian leaders are taking active roles in the ministry, including Worship Leader Jean Carlo whose gifted work opens hearts for the Word of God through music and prayer. Weekly group activities include: worship, bible teaching, prayer, bible memorization, fellowship and fun!

The Lavi Reyel Story

In March 2014 over 600 Haitians came to know Christ through a US team’s evangelism to the local high schools and a city-wide concert with the Dominic Bali Band.  In order to teach and encourage these new believers, CIDM immediately began a weekly New Believers class, with Brisso Jean Doriscan, as the Bible teacher.  After finishing 2 months of the biblical truths in the New Believers classes, the group was hungry for more bible study.

Thus, a new ministry was born within CIDM…Lavi Reyel (means Real Life in English).  Brisso began teaching the book of John, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  After spending one and a half years teaching John, he is currently teaching the book of Acts.

The new believers continue to come, learn, grow and be changed.  Through the accurate teaching of the Bible in love, the Haitians’ hungry hearts are experiencing forgiveness, freedom and a love relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are finding joy, peace and hope in Christ like never before.

The intent of Lavi Reyel is not to begin a new church in Jacmel, but for participants to share the truths they learn with their families, friends and home churches. During one of our recent outreach events, over 300 friends and family members of Lavi Reyel participants attended, curious to know what had caused the wonderful changes in their loved ones’ lives. We are encouraged by the way God continually expands the reach of this ministry.

The following CIDM ministries have begun from the Lavi Reyel bible study:

  • 15 Leaders
  • Day of Discipleship Events
  • A Worship Team
  • A Skit Team
  • Evangelistic Outreaches in the Public High Schools
  • A Soccer Team